Mister and Me Teachers Guide

Journal Ideas:

Chapter One
The picture show in Glenmora was segregated, the colored folk had to sit in the balcony, while the white folk could sit downstairs. If you lived during this time, how would this make you feel?

Chapter Four
It is quite obvious that Jolene does not like having Mister Leroy around. Write Jolene a letter sharing ideas with her that might make her feel better about her momma going out with a man that is not her daddy.

Chapter Six
YIKES!!! Jolene cut the beautiful velvet until it looked like a jigsaw puzzle! What do you think will happen when Mister Leroy and her momma find out?

Chapter Seven
Leroy did not get the least bit angry at Jolene when he realized she cut up the velvet. If you were Leroy, how would you have reacted?

Chapter Nine
At what point in this chapter do you feel that Jolene's feelings for Mister Leroy are changing?

Chapter Ten
Jolene had a secret. (making the quilt) Write about a time you had a secret and why you felt you couldn't share it with anyone.

Chapter Eleven
Put some old music on for the students to listen to while they write how they would feel going to a Jazz Hall to listen and dance to a live jazz band.

Chapter Twelve
Before reading this chapter, have the students predict how Jolene will sign her quilt. After reading the chapter have the students write how they would sign their own quilts and why they would sign it that way.


Give each student one small piece of velvet. Have them glue it to the top of a sturdy sheet of paper. On lined paper, have the students write a story about what comes to their mind when they touch the velvet for the first time. Glue the story to the paper with the velvet scrap and bind all the stories in a class book.

After reading Chapter Eight, begin a class quilt with your students. Materials you will need are: one 5" x 5" square of muslin or construction paper, and regular markers or fabric markers. Have the students draw something on the square that symbolizes them or their families. After reading the book, have the students present the quilt squares to the class and put them all together for a class quilt. Hang it proudly somewhere in the classroom.( If you use muslin, have a mom sew the squares together.)

Give each student a paper doll cut out using tag board or poster board. Have a variety of fabric scraps available. (The students can bring some from home.) Each student will cut out clothes for the paper doll and glue them on. Draw a face and add yarn for the hair. After completed, have the students write stories using the paper doll as the main character. You could pair the students for this activity and have two main characters. Be sure to bind the stories together for a class book.

During the 1940's segregation was very prevalent in Louisiana, as well as, all over the country. Have the students interview a parent or a grandparent about life during this time.

Give each student a cut out of a foot. Have them write on the foot what makes them happy. Place all the feet on a bulletin board with the title "Happy Dancing Feet".

Teachers Guide created by Patti Roberts, a retired elementary school teacher living in Shreveport, Louisiana