My Louisiana Sky Teachers Guide

Before Reading:

Make a Prediction.
Why is this book called My Louisiana Sky and who do you think the girl on the cover will be?

Make a Diary for each student to use throughout the book.
This can be two pieces of construction paper with lined paper inside, a folder with lined paper, or a spiral notebook.

Diary Ideas: (Write as if you are Tiger Ann or voice your own thoughts.)

Why is it so important that you get invited to Abby Lynn's swimming party?

Granny limits Momma to two hours a day of television. Is that a good idea and could you do it?

Jesse Wade goes to Abby Lynn's swimming party. How did that make you feel? Does it change your feelings when he tells you he thought you had been invited?

Why does Granny want to teach Tiger Ann how to cook? "Your momma may have a simple mind, Tiger, but her love is simple, too. It flows from her like a quick, easy river." In your words, explain what Granny meant by this.

Granny's death stuns everyone. Write down your feelings about losing a loved one.
Jesse Wade tries to comfort Tiger Ann. She tells him to go away. How do you think this makes him feel and why do you think she said that?

Aunt Dorie Kay makes all the arrangements for Granny's funeral. Do you think your family can survive without her help?

Aunt Dorie Kay offers you the opportunity to live with her in Baton Rouge. Do you plan to take her up on the offer? Why or why not?

Aunt Dorie Kay uses a different name when she is in Baton Rouge and she suggests to you to go by the name Ann. How would it make you feel if someone asked you to change your name to something a little more sophisticated?

Aunt Dorie Kay doesn't think her mother, Granny, liked her very much. Why do you think she feels this way?

When Tiger Ann's momma was a little girl, Granny told Dorie Kay to watch her. Do you think Dorie Kay is to blame for her sister falling off the ladder? Write a short letter to Dorie Kay to help ease her guilt.

Tiger Ann's best friend is a boy. What are your feelings about this?

During the hurricane Tiger Ann heard Granny's voice, and for the first time she felt safe in her momma's arms. Do you think this is what changed Tiger Ann's mind about moving to Baton Rouge? Why or Why not?

Tiger Ann has her own thoughts about a "Louisiana Sky". How would you describe a "Louisiana Sky"?


1. To help the students visualize what life was like in the 50's, have them construct a picture dictionary to be used throughout the story. Use construction paper with unlined paper stapled inside. As you locate the following words in the story, add them to the dictionary and illustrate each one.


azaleascolored quarterspoodle skirt


bobbed hairdofirefliesrabbit ears

bookmobilehotcakessaddle oxfords

butter beanshurricanescrub board

calicoinner tubeswamps


2. Locate Louisiana on a map. Discuss where the fictitious town of Saitter is located. (Forest Hill, LA) Also locate key cities mentioned in the story such as, Baton Rouge, Bunkie, and Alexandria.

3. The story takes place in 1957. Research this era and find out what types of household appliances were being used. Did everyone have a television?

4. Interview someone in your family who can give you an idea of what life was like in the 50's.

5. Tiger Ann has a best friend and your students probably do too. Have the students write a postcard to their best friend telling the friend why they are so special.

6. Tiger Ann's daddy knows when he hears frogs croaking, it means it is going to rain. Research some other "old wives tales" about the weather.

7. Tiger Ann's daddy works at a plant nursery. Plan a field trip to a local nursery or invite a horticulturist to speak to your students.

8. There actually was a Hurricane Audrey that brought bad weather to Louisiana in 1957. Have your students research this hurricane and find out what affects it had on the people and property in Louisiana.

Teachers Guide created by Patti Roberts, a retired elementary school teacher living in Shreveport, Louisiana