For the Former Pink Flamingo Lady

When I met Karen Kessel 15 years ago I was visiting schools in Irving ISD where she worked as a librarian. The morning I saw the pink flamingos lined up outside her trailer library, I knew we'd be instant friends.

She moved to another part of Texas and a few years ago she invited me to her new school. Now we're both living in the same corner of the world. Today we'll meet for coffee. I think that deserves a little gift from my garden.

Who is this?

Sunday marked the 20th anniversary of the day I started writing--June 15, 1994. I celebrated the day at Traders Village, a huge flea market in Grand Prairie, Texas. For some reason I bought this, justifying to myself that one should purchase something to remember such an occasion. Now as I study him perched on the top bookshelf of our library, I wonder, who the heck are you?