Congratulations, Erin Shaw!

It's always great when someone receives a well-deserved honor. Congratulations, Erin Shaw of Greenbrier Middle School for receiving Arkansas Media Specialist of the Year! You are amazing!

                                                      Erin Shaw, Media Specialist with Greenbrier Middle School

                                                     Erin Shaw, Media Specialist with Greenbrier Middle School

Read all about it here.


The History of Things

Do you ever look around the house at your things? There are stories there. Some are true. Some can inspire a story that sounds true. Here's a true one about friendship. It has to do with the floral needlework on a bookshelf in our home library.

The talented Lola Schaefer gave it to me years ago when I read one of her manuscripts. Having the honor of reading her manuscript was enough of a gift, but Lola said her mother had done a lot of needlework when she was alive. She wanted to start giving away some of those pieces to special friends.  Now it's one of my treasures. 

Lola's mother's needlework.jpg

Companion Books

I'm reading Rosemary Verey, The Life & Lessons of a Legendary Gardener by Barbara Paul Robinson.  It's a juicy bio for gardening sort of folks and maybe for folks who are not so inclined to pick up a shovel.


But now that I've reached the part in the book where Rosemary has decided to get her hands dirty, I decided to grab another book. Rosemary Verey's Making of a Garden is the perfect companion to her biography.  

Just curious--Have you ever read a book with a companion one?

The Dandy Lizard Cottage

We've seen so many green lizards in our yard that I told Jerry, "We should name our home, "The Dandy Lizard Cottage."  I guess the word got out. Found this little fellow scampering around the family room door.

During the chase, he took refuge in my purse. Sorry, the Dandy Lizard Cottage is not a B&B.