Skinny Brown Dog Teachers Guide

1 - Before Reading

A. Discuss Vocabulary Words
·       Skinny

·       Bakery

·       Muffins

·       Ladder

·       Hospital

·       Cookie

B. Make Predictions: Show the book cover and ask students to predict what the story is about. Give Positive feed back to all answers.

C. Ask students what they would do if a stray dog came to their house.


2 - During Reading

A. While reading, ask students to predict what will happen next and why.

B. Also while reading, ask students to predict based on the story content and pictures, what the characters feelings are and why are they feeling that way.

C. Re-read the story without predictions or discussion.


3 - After Reading

A. Identify the problem (Example: Skinny Brown Dog needs a home)

B. List solutions - Ideas of what to do for the Dog.

C. Evaluate the ideas - Discuss all solutions and determine the best solution.

D. After the students do the Problem and Solutions for Skinny Brown Dog, name ways to use this method to solve problems outside of classroom.

E. Point out some of the differences of the characters in the story and discuss ways we are all different in our own way. Examples: Boys/Girls, Short hair/ long hair, color of eyes, and etc.

F. Discuss feelings of Skinny Brown Dog. For Example : sad, needed a home, tail turned down, happy after Skinny Brown Dog found a home.

G. Find the picture of Skinny Brown Dog when he is sad - discuss his feelings and why he is feeling that way. Continue to look at other pictures in the book and identify happiness and sadness. Identify each expression.



A. Discuss where the story takes place (setting is in town at a bakery)

B. How would you get to town or a bakery - what transportation?

C. Discuss other stores that may be near the bakery and other things found in town.

D. Accept all answers and give positive feed back.



Discuss how each event leads to the next event.
A. Using a set of cards with scenes and objects from the story, ask - "which comes first, second, next and so forth, placing the cards in the correct order. Then have someone re-tell the story using the cards as a guide.

B. Have the students tell or write their own story. Give them a prompt and let them add at least 3 events to complete their story. They can draw their own scenes and objects and let others put them in the correct order.



A. Ask questions with fill in the blank words. Use questions which can be answered in one sentence.

B. Choose word that belong together
·       Skinny/fat/short/thin

·       Muffins/cup cakes/girl/window

·       Ladder/house/stool/children

·       Cookie/chocolate chip/door/sign

·       Warm/cold/hot/thirsty

·       Pet/dog/rug/chair

C. Name things that you find in a bakery.

D. Write or tell a sentence using two words from your list.


7 - ART

A. Make a Mural - Using butcher paper let students draw or paint scenes from Skinny Brown Dog. Write title on top of Mural.
B. Have students draw a picture and write or tell one or tow sentences about their picture. Display on bulletin board or the pages can be put together as a class book.



A. Have students draw a picture of the Bakery.

B. Write or tell about the Bakery using the five sense - what does it look like, feel like, sound like, smell like, and taste like.

C. Next add "color words" in each sentence, and lastly add "size words" and shapes.

D. Share with class.

Teacher Guide written by Brenda Willis. Brenda Willis is a retired Special Education teacher who taught students in grades K-8 at Pretty Water School in Pretty Water, Oklahoma.