Waiting for Gregory Teachers Guide

1 - Before Reading

A. Show students title page and discuss what you find on the title page.

B. Discuss Vocabulary Words
·       Family

·       Waiting

·       Imagination

·       Cousin

B. Make Predictions: Show the book cover and ask students to predict what the story is about. Give Positive feed back to all answers.

C. Ask students what they would do if they had a new baby sister, brother or cousin. Discuss things they can do with the baby.

2 - During Reading

A. While reading, ask students to predict what will happen next and why.

B. Ask students to predict or describe characters feelings and why they are feeling that way.

C. Ask students if it could be real / fact or not real/ fairy tale.

D. Re-read the story without predictions or discussion.

3 - After Reading

A. Identify the problem (Example problem: waiting for a new baby can be like waiting for your birthday).

B. List solutions (ideas on things to do to make the wait more pleasant, like mark the days on a calendar until her baby cousin arrives).

C. Evaluate the ideas ( Discuss each solutions and determine the best solution).

D. After they identify the Problem / Solution for WAITING FOR GREGORY, name ways to use this method to solve problems out side of classroom.

E. Point out some of the differences of the characters in the story and discuss how we are all different in our own way.

F. Discuss Iris' feelings - Example: Waiting for Gregory- exciting and planning things to do with Gregory. Look at the pictures and discuss and identify the characters feelings and expressions.


A. Ask questions about the story which can be answered in one sentence. Example - Who was Iris waiting or? Who did Iris ask "When will Gregory be here?"

B. Have students answer in a complete sentence.

5 - ART

A. Make a Mural - Using butcher paper and paint.

B. Let students draw or paint a character from the story.


A. Have students draw a picture of any character from the story WAITING FOR GREGORY.

B. Let them share their story with the class.

C. Afterward display on bulletin board.

D. Let students draw a picture of something they could do with a new baby cousin.

E. Have them share their picture with the class.

Teacher Guide written by Brenda Willis. Brenda Willis is a retired Special Education teacher who taught students in grades K-8 at Pretty Water School in Pretty Water, Oklahoma.